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Tune of the Month Club

A new jazz guitar standard to practice every month.

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"I love that the content has such a high quality and is thoroughly laid out."

-Anders K., Denmark

"Overall, I love the various charts and aspects of the ToM and find them challenging and very rewarding at the same time. Learning jazz guitar is akin to Chinese to me. It's a language that requires a lot of instruction and practice. The 4 week time frame seems like a sufficient amount of time to master the material so I like the current monthly format."

-Steve W., USA

Tune of The Month Club

Your Monthly Guide to Chord Melody, Comping and Soloing on Standard Songs

The Tune of the Month Club is the perfect study tool if you don't know where to start when learning a new tune.

You get a chance to negotiate the 'Tune of the Month' song's chord changes and melody by getting your hands on PDFs for a chord melody, a written solo and a comping study (with standard notation and TABS). Video instruction is included for every step of the way. You are in good hands! :-)

Every month, a new standard is explored with the following fully written sheet music:

  1. Lead Sheet
  2. Chord Melody
  3. Written Solo ("improvised" solo)
  4. Comping Study

Tune of the Month Club: Content

6 Videos, 4 PDFs and all the backing tracks you'll ever need. Every month. You read that right!

The six videos walk you through the lead sheet, chord melody, comping study and written solo with and without a backing track. Just to make sure you hear everything properly and that you are ready to play that tune on your own. In the practice room or on the bandstand.

How to Get Your Tune of the Month Access

Subscribe to "The Tune of the Month Club" here and receive the new song's content every first Monday of the month. That's the monthly subscription, and the best bang for your buck.

But you can also get the "Tune of the Month" content without a subscription: the "Newsstand Edition" contains exactly the same videos and PDFs, but à la carte.

Basically, with the newsstand edition, you get issues individually at a higher cost. Or get a great discount by becoming a subscriber.

Please read the FAQs below to get a clearer picture.

"The Tune of the Month club package is the "Best Value Package of any instructional guitar lesson on the Internet " ! It includes [...] "all in one kit". [...]

On the "Girl from Ipanema" module, the solo alone is super tasteful, unrushed, and well executed, outlining the chord changes smoothly. It alone is worth the price of admission. As a bonus, the various Bossa Nova rhythms are critical to playing Brazilian music with a good pulse and "sway" feeling. I am working on that at the moment.

I have to admit to playing guitar for decades and still finding these kits very informative and worthwhile - even if I only focus on one facet per month. The materials are all archived and I can always go back and polish up a tune. I am very positive about this offering."

-Jerry B., Ontario, Canada

"What I like most is I finally have a step-by-step ""guide"" to learn new material properly, to build a repertoire. I've been reading jazz theory for years, and tried out different scales over different chords and stuff, but it's been too much information and the information won't stick unless you use it in a ""real life situation"", like when you play a standard all the way through. My plan now is to learn the material from the tune of the month club properly, and afterwards I can use all the other information to try different approaches to soloing over the tune or reharmonizing it."

-Svenn Erik S., Sweden

Your Instructor

Marc-Andre Seguin
Marc-Andre Seguin

Marc-Andre Seguin is the webmaster, "brains behind" and teacher on JazzGuitarLessons.net, the #1 online resource for learning how to play jazz guitar.

He draws from his experience both as a professional jazz guitarist and professional jazz teacher to help thousands of people from all around the world learn the craft of jazz guitar.

"Thanks for your excellent program of Tune of the month. I have been playing for 30 years and in the last 6 i have been interested in jazz playing. I have had many online courses and even private lessons, but since i started your Tune of the month course , is the first time that i could play beautiful chord melody arrangements of standards. The Tune of the month program is very thorough with the chord melody , comping and solo studies. Thanks for your excellent courses and guidance."


"The method of the ToTMC is the best I could find to learn playing chord melody!!! Thank you!!!

What I like most about it? The round package with all the things you need to learn and play the songs professionally." -Martin S.

"I love getting all the resources to learn the material. [...] So far I have been very happy with the product." Again, I feel that your product is as close to having an actual instructor as you can get online. Thanks again,

-Adam C.

The course appears well planned and thorough. The video instruction is presented clearly and logically.

-George L., USA

Class Curriculum

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Courses Included with Purchase (Bundle)

Members Only Office Hours
Weekly Office Hours for Q&A and More!
Marc-Andre Seguin
Members Only Q&A Webinar
Monthly Webinar for Q&A and More!
Nathan Corr
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Marc-Andre Seguin
What is This Thing Called Love
Chord Melody, Soloing and Comping Guide on What is This Thing Called Love
Marc-Andre Seguin

Total Value: $21


100% Satisfaction + Effectiveness Guarantee

If you've made an honest effort to use the materials in the Tune of the Month Club during 4 weeks and you're not satisfied and/or did not see any improvements in your playing, then we'll give you a 100% refund.

Your time is precious. And so is money. Write a simple email to [email protected] within 30 days of the transaction and we'll refund immediately, no questions asked.

"Improve Your Playing,
or We Don't Get Paid!"

Frequently Asked Questions

When are the "Tune of the Month" new videos and PDFs released?

Every first day of the month.

When I join, do I get all the back issues?
No. Like a paper magazine, you start your subscription with the current issue. And you will receive the future issues. You can always "manually" purchase the back issues of songs you're interested in.
Do I get to keep the previous month's stuff when another month begins?

Yes. Think of it like a paper magazine delivered to your door. You get to keep the old issues. For the time you're subscribed.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes. At any time. And you will still keep all the materials (videos and PDFs) for the months you were actually subscribed to.

Can I get the songs "a la carte" if I don't want to subscribe?

Yes. Simply browse below (links) and choose the song you are interested in. Every month, the featured song is available straight from the store without requiring you to subscribe.

"What I like most is maybe the fact that I know I will learn standards, I mean I really will learn these well enough to be able to hum them (and ideally play them…). Before that this was a wish but I never took the time to make it become reality."

-Thomas H., France

"Very approachable but technically complete lesson material, enough chordal and melodic ideas to develop ones own arrangement w/o having to start from scratch. I couldn't ask for anything more, excellent bang for the buck, excellent period. Thank You!"

-Donald W., USA

"I really like how it covers the essential ways of approaching a tune from comping to chord melody to single note. Keep up the good work! I love the club."

-Dean S., USA

Want Free Access to All Past Issues Instead?

Become a member, and gain access to all past issues of the Tune of the Month Club. You have two options;

-1- Get all the songs with your Standards Membership.

-2- Get songs PLUS dozens of courses with your Unlimited Membership.

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Tune of the Month Schedule

"I like that it will propel me into learning a new jazz standard (if even just a section, or a couple of bars), even though I may be trying to master a previous "tune of the month" song. I still like to browse all the videos as much as I can for reinforcement to my knowledge and playing ability. You're a great player AND teacher, which is not an easy accomplishment. Much like you can tell when a university professor really just wants to do research, but must teach in order to keep his/her tenure. You always come across as enjoying what you are doing! [...] Thanks again."

-James P., USA

"The thing I like most about Tune of the month club are the great chord melody arrangements. Comping studies and video play alongs are very helpful as I'm planning to play in a rehearsal type jazz group this Summer. Your solos are well thought out and a big added bonus. The monthly webinar is excellent. The entire concept is exceptional! For me there is no downside. Because I have a busy teaching schedule I wish I had more time to practice the material. Keep up the GREAT WORK! Sincere Thanks."

-Jim K., USA

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