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The students spoke, and we listened. Here's one of the most refined instructional package to date, allowing you to stream the paid course materials directly from your student account, on any/all of the devices you own.

Core Membership - 24/7 access to select the best of the best online jazz guitar courses and standards

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The "Core" Jazz Guitar Tutorials

Your Core Membership Unlocks Courses by M-A Seguin

Not only do members rent access to classic jazz guitar courses (such as Improv 101, Chord Melody Crash Course and Comping 101 ), the Core Membership also provides the users with more of goodies: 5 of the best Tune of the Month Club songs are included, on rotation. Students keep getting great value, month after month.

Top-5 Standards on Rotation

Your Compass: Structure Your Practice

Not sure where to start? I got your back!

The flagship meta-course Private Instructor in a Box also comes pre-packaged into your Core Membership. This revolutionary online video tutorial allows the student to design his/her own jazz guitar practice program from scratch, and make steady progress.

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The method outlined in this In a Box course has been used with (literally) hundreds of student all over the world with tremendous success. By designing a practice regimen focused on your dreams and your needs, you're well equipped to become the best musician you can be ... and keep improving your chops for a lifetime.

A Community For You

Learning jazz guitar alone, "in a vacuum" is very difficult. And that's why we thought of getting students to connect together online, to share their questions, difficulties and experiences.

Our closely monitored and moderated, exclusive, Members-Only Facebook Group is flourishing with conversations, user's videos and helpful relationships that brings more and more value to each and every member.

Facebook - Members Only

On top of the community aspect of the Core Membership, you also get the following bonuses:

-Monthly Q&A Webinar (with jazz guitar pro in residence);
-All past webinars recordings (watch at any time);
-Exclusive (free) 2-week trial on all new releases;
-VIP technical support and customer care;
-Members-only discounted rate on new courses;
-VIP jazz guitar questions answered by email;

In short, we're very proud to get our members the royal treatment they deserve! :-)

New Releases? Monthly!

Be the first to access the brand new online courses when they come out!

Note that all new courses by M-A Seguin are added to your membership package, for a complimentary trial period. It means that your membership contains lots of extra features. You can also purchase these individual courses a la carte later, should you want to use them.

Your Instructor

Marc-Andre Seguin
Marc-Andre Seguin

Marc-Andre Seguin is the webmaster, "brains behind" and teacher on, the #1 online resource for learning how to play jazz guitar.

He draws from his experience both as a professional jazz guitarist and professional jazz teacher to help thousands of people from all around the world learn the craft of jazz guitar.

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Courses Included with Purchase (Bundle)

Private Instructor in a Box
Improve All Areas of Your Playing At Once: Become Your Own Coach
Marc-Andre Seguin
Improv and Chromaticism
How to Use Outside Notes for Maximum Effect
Marc-Andre Seguin
Members Only Q&A Webinar
Monthly Webinar for Q&A and More!
Nathan Corr
Jazz Guitar Improv 101
Your Starting Point to Learn Jazz Improvisation on the Guitar
Marc-Andre Seguin
Jazz Guitar Comping 101
Your Starting Point for "Everything Chords"
Marc-Andre Seguin
Chord Melody Crash Course
Using "Misty" to Learn Everything You Need to Get Started with Chord Melody
Marc-Andre Seguin
Members Only Facebook Group
[Exclusive to Tune of the Month Club, Core Membership, Standards Membership and Unlimited Membership]
Marc-Andre Seguin
Body and Soul
Chord Melody, Soloing and Comping Guide on Body and Soul
Marc-Andre Seguin
Girl From Ipanema
Chord Melody, Soloing and Comping Guide on Girl From Ipanema
Marc-Andre Seguin
Chord Melody, Soloing and Comping Guide on Misty
Marc-Andre Seguin
Rhythm Changes Special
Chord Melody, Soloing and Comping Guide on Rhythm Changes Special
Marc-Andre Seguin
Silent Night
Chord Melody, Soloing and Comping Guide on Silent Night
Marc-Andre Seguin
Chord Melody, Soloing and Comping Guide on Yesterdays
Marc-Andre Seguin

Total Value: $346

"Thank you for your continued support and help. Its very comforting that the staff at [] are there to support the students. It speaks to the quality of what you are doing."

- Patrick E., Canada

"Core Membership does provide a great feeling; like I belong and I have made a medium term commitment to give jazz guitar a go, even though I still have my ‘L-Plates’ on. I think it’s the Members Only Facebook Community and Q&A Webinar features that I appreciate the most. And of course the five Standards lessons which are at the core of any foray into the world of jazz. Jazz has a rich and influencing history and you help bring little snippets that continues to unravel the art form and really wets the appetite."

- Andrew W., Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I keep the courses when I cancel my membership?
The Core Membership is "rental-only". Which means that you can watch all videos as many time as you like, download the eBooks and use the lessons. The end of your membership simply is the end of your access. Think of it like Netflix. Notice that all course can still be purchased "à la carte" for lifetime access. You can do so from the store homepage.
Can I download the videos?
The videos are streamable, only. However, you can download the PDFs and eBooks to your computer.
What's the different between the Core and the Unlimited Membership?
The Core Membership includes only *select* courses and songs by M-A Seguin. While the Unlimited Membership contains ALL of the products.

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