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"Being able to access all the materials so I can work on different things at different times as the mood strikes me. Also, knowing I’m paying for it every month motivates me to use it. Navigation is good. The video lessons are excellent and properly focused. I appreciate your enthusiasm for this kind of guitar instruction, and for thinking from an online student’s point of view how to best present the material."- Ken Burk., U.S.A


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Your personal guide through the courses!
Marc-Andre Seguin
First Steps
Learn and Master Basics of Jazz Guitar
Marc-Andre Seguin
Jazz Guitar Comping 101
Your Starting Point for "Everything Chords"
Marc-Andre Seguin
Learn the Fretboard 2.0
Take a Few Minutes Now, Eliminate the Guesswork Forever
Marc-Andre Seguin
Jazz Harmony 101
A balanced blend of theory, fretboard know-how, and ear training
Marc-Andre Seguin
Jazz Guitar Improv 101
Your Starting Point to Learn Jazz Improvisation on the Guitar
Marc-Andre Seguin
Chord Melody Crash Course
Using "Misty" to Learn Everything You Need to Get Started with Chord Melody
Marc-Andre Seguin
Painless Scale Positions
Master scale positions, once and for all.
Marc-Andre Seguin
Jazz Guitar Comping 102
Your Follow Up Tutorial for "Everything Chords"
Marc-Andre Seguin
Jazz Guitar Improv 102
Your Follow Up Course on Jazz Guitar Improvisation
Marc-Andre Seguin
Chord Melody Beyond Top Note
Master the Top-Note Approach and Beyond!
Marc-Andre Seguin
Jazz Guitar Comping 103
Get Away Completely from Root-Centric Guitar Comping
Marc-Andre Seguin
Drop 2 is the New Black
Learn the jazz comping secrets of the pros
Greg Amirault
Improv and Chromaticism
How to Use Outside Notes for Maximum Effect
Marc-Andre Seguin
Jazz Guitar Improv 103
Your Follow Up Course on Jazz Guitar Improvisation
Marc-Andre Seguin
Jazz Guitar: 25 Exercises for Better Phrasing
Use diagonal fingerings, chromaticism and bebop scales to gain confidence in the language of jazz.
Marc-Andre Seguin
Chord Melody Mastery
Exploring Advanced Techniques for Writing Chord Melodies
Marc-Andre Seguin
All the Arpeggios You Are
Transform your old 7th arpeggios into modern, interesting and angular jazz guitar solo lines.
Greg Amirault
Deja Vu: Fingerboard Insights
Copy-Paste Your Way to Fretboard Mastery!
Sandy Poltarack
Private Instructor in a Box
Improve All Areas of Your Playing At Once: Become Your Own Coach
Marc-Andre Seguin
The Vault
Member's Exclusive eBooks, Guides and Cheat Sheets
Marc-Andre Seguin
Jazz Guitar Transcriptions
[Exclusive to Membership] Interactive Sheet Music, Slow Down and Loop Feature
Marc-Andre Seguin
Members Only Facebook Group
[Exclusive to Tune of the Month Club, Core Membership, Standards Membership and Unlimited Membership]
Marc-Andre Seguin

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This course is closed for enrollment.

This membership is no longer available. Please enroll into the Unlimited Membership here ...


Wonder What to Practice Next?
Ask Your Jazz Guitar Concierge


Overwhelmed with Jazz?

Concierge tells you exactly what to practice from the library of courses, one week at a time. You get frequent email prompts for completion of precise jazz guitar exercises adapted to your level. Concierge grows with you, as you gain jazz skills.

This is a brand new feature of your membership.

This new program helps you master all of our tutorials in a linear fashion (see the PATH here). In brief, Concierge is your own virtual jazz guitar coach that ensures you make real, consistent progress through friendly nudging.

INCLUDED: The Vault of eBooks, Cheat Sheets and Guides

Member's Exclusive eBooks, Guides and Cheat Sheets

The Great Jazz Guitar Transcription Series

jazz guitar transcriptions - store product thumbnail

Members EXCLUSIVE! Legendary Solos Transcribed, (with Soundslice for Ease of Use)

A Community For You

Facebook - Members Only

Discussion, Q&A Polls, Replays, and Reminders: Member's Only!

Your Compass: Structure Your Practice

Not sure where to start? I got your back! Build your own program with confidence.

The flagship meta-course Private Instructor in a Box also comes pre-packaged into your Core Membership. This revolutionary online video tutorial allows the student to design his/her own jazz guitar practice program from scratch, and make steady progress.

private instructor in a box - image

The method outlined in this In a Box course has been used with (literally) hundreds of student all over the world with tremendous success. By designing a practice regimen focused on your dreams and your needs, you're well equipped to become the best musician you can be ... and keep improving your chops for a lifetime.

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Be the first to access the brand new online courses when they come out! All new courses by M-A Seguin are added to your membership package, and this is on the house.

In short, your membership keeps on getting better as we add stuff to the website!

Your Instructor

Marc-Andre Seguin
Marc-Andre Seguin

Marc-Andre Seguin is the webmaster, mastermind and teacher on, the #1 online resource for learning how to play jazz guitar.

He draws from his experience both as a professional jazz guitarist and professional jazz teacher to help thousands of people from all around the world learn the craft of jazz guitar.


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"Thank you for your continued support and help. Its very comforting that the staff at [] are there to support the students. It speaks to the quality of what you are doing."- Patrick E., Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

What does $29 per month mean?
The membership starts today and renews at the same price every month. PLUS your price is "locked" so that your renewal remains the same for the duration of your use, and it keeps getting more features.
This is too expensive
You’re right! This is a premium jazz guitar website, and it is priced accordingly. We’re the best (see testimonials), and we’ve helped more guitarists than any other website out there.
Is there a contract?
No contract! You can cancel at anytime. It's month to month. And you're only charged for the months you were actually a member. Simply email us at any time to cancel (no charge, no questions asked). The average paid subscription last about 19 months.
My private instructor says “websites are a scam”
Quick comparison: take lessons with a local jazz pro ($50 per hour), and you get a little notebook with stuff jolted down by your instructor. Written notes are a pretty weak resource as compared to hundreds of hours of courses with videos, PDFs (and more) you can re-watch and play along over and over in your membership. On top of the videos in the PDF, this website offers you 24/7 support, by email, chat and through the comments form on any/all lessons in your membership by an actual professional jazz guitarist on-site. Think about the difference in your progress in jazz: ONE private lesson per month for $50 … versus … your monthly membership fee for less than the price of a private lesson. We’ve actually had students completely quit 1-on-1 private lessons in favor of a membership :)
How often is new content added to the membership?
Monthly! New transcriptions are added monthly and new curriculum-based tutorials (full-fledged online video courses) are being created on an ongoing basis.
I’m afraid of getting the membership and not using it
You bought guitars and not used them. You subscribed to the gym and never went. Jazz guitar is no different. You do not need to invest an enormous amount of time. A small a steady dose will get you there. And that’s why this membership is a habits-building program (and not just TONS of materials). The Concierge program reminds you to spend time with the guitar, and keeps you accountable for your results. We’ll give you small enough tasks to make you feel like you’re succeeding!
Can I cancel and keep the lessons?
Your membership is "rental-only". Which means that you can watch all videos as many time as you like, download the eBooks and use transcriptions. The end of your membership simply is the end of your access. Think of it like Netflix, or streaming.
Can I download the videos?
The videos are streamable, only. However, you can download the PDFs and eBooks to your computer.
I don’t have time
So you came to our website and downloaded a couple of things. Tell me why you did that? Because you wanted to learn or master jazz guitar. Right? The courses are broken down into bitesize progress, so you know exactly what to play every time you sit down with the guitar. You hear about these guys that spent years practicing 8 hours per day, but it doesn’t have to be like that. You can make progress with 15 minutes a day, if you’re consistent consistent. ANY amount of time you can invest right now (30 min, 3x per week), we have something that can help you progress. This is the difference between doing something and doing nothing and it is cumulative.
Is the content appropriate for my LEVEL?
We’ll figure out where you’re at with your skills, and recommend the taking off point. And we have this neat way of keeping you engaged throughout the process. In short: YES. Whatever your level, the curriculum can help you.

"Core Membership does provide a great feeling; like I belong and I have made a medium term commitment to give jazz guitar a go, even though I still have my ‘L-Plates’ on. I think it’s the Members Only Facebook Community and Q&A Webinar features that I appreciate the most. [...] Jazz has a rich and influencing history and you help bring little snippets that continues to unravel the art form and really whets the appetite."
- Andrew W., Australia

This course is closed for enrollment.

This membership is no longer available. Please enroll into the Unlimited Membership here ...