Silent Night

Chord Melody, Soloing and Comping Guide on Silent Night

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Want to learn how to play this beautiful arrangement of the Christmas classic, "Silent Night"? Get this tune now!

"I really like how it covers the essential ways of approaching a tune from comping to chord melody to single note. Keep up the good work! I love the club."

-Dean S., USA

"The thing I like most about Tune of the month club are the great chord melody arrangements. Comping studies and video play alongs are very helpful as I'm planning to play in a rehearsal type jazz group this Summer. Your solos are well thought out and a big added bonus. The monthly webinar is excellent. The entire concept is exceptional! For me there is no downside. Because I have a busy teaching schedule I wish I had more time to practice the material. Keep up the GREAT WORK! Sincere Thanks."

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Silent Night: Christmas Special

Lead Sheet, Chord Melody, Comping, Soloing ... and more!

When it comes to Christmas carols, Silent Night holds a particularly special place amongst the classics. This video course covers everything you need to get started or gain a fresh perspective on the tune: the lead sheet with accurate chords, a chord melody, a comping guide and a soloing guide. In fact, it's one of the only Christmas song I actually like playing throughout December!

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Chord Melody

Get a complete arrangement for solo guitar for this tune! Every chord melody in our Standards series is written with interesting themes and vocabulary in mind. Learn the arrangement, then arrange your own chord melodies on different tunes using similar techniques!

This tune's chord melody starts with a completely rubato arrangement of the head in the lower register of the guitar, followed by a gorgeous reharmonization of the melody in a higher register along with a backing track.

Comping Study

You'll also get a comping (short for "accompaniment") study based off the chord progression for this tune. Each comping study centers around a specific theme, technique, or piece of comping vocabulary. Explore every possibility, and then take them into your own playing on other tunes!

The comping study for "Silent Night" centres on common but lush-sounding chords. Rhythms are simple and revolve around an easy-going comping approach to playing in 3/4 time signature.

Single-Note Solo

Want a real example of how to solo on this standard? We have a fully-transcribed single-note solo arrangement for each Standard tune centred on expanding upon a piece of jazz vocabulary or a transcription from a real jazz legend. Play the solo in full, then steal your favourite lines and assimilate them into your own improv vocabulary!

For this solo, we offer you multiple approaches for playing through the changes: a "horizontal" approach (scales-based), and a "vertical" approach (arpeggios-based). Rather than writing a full solo this time, we're giving you some bare-bones ideas for how to solo, and then some examples on what that sounds like. Pick your favourite lines and go ham with them!

What do I get with this course?

Our Standards courses come jam-packed with material designed to help you learn tunes and their intricacies. All of the above comes with:

  • Soundslice integration for every video - this amazing tool allows you to hear the demonstration while reading along with synchronized sheet music...and you control the action! Speed it up, slow it down, or even loop sections of what you're playing to make it even easier to learn!
  • Complete video instruction for each arrangement, and any relevant backing tracks;
  • Fully fleshed-out sheet music with TABs for each arrangement, as well as a simple lead sheet for the song - just melody and chords!
  • XML file copies for all sheet music, so that you can plug them directly into Finale or Sibelius and hear what you're seeing;
  • and Backing track MP3 files for relevant arrangements.

And remember: sheet music PDFs, XML files, and backing track audio files are downloadable for you to keep forever.

Whether you've been playing on Silent Night for a while and want to kick things into the next gear or if you're just starting to learn it, this course is the perfect place to practice on this timeless classic.

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Marc-Andre Seguin
Marc-Andre Seguin

Marc-Andre Seguin is the webmaster, "brains behind" and teacher on, the #1 online resource for learning how to play jazz guitar.

He draws from his experience both as a professional jazz guitarist and professional jazz teacher to help thousands of people from all around the world learn the craft of jazz guitar.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I learn tunes?
Learning real jazz standards is the most effective way to learn jazz itself. Here at, we advocate that 50% of your practice time should be spent mastering tunes and applying your jazz chords, solo vocabulary, and chord melody techniques over them. Our Standards series is the BEST place to start.
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Subscribe to the Unlimited Membership! Not only do you get access to ALL 50 TUNES - you also unlock the entirety of our video tutorial curriculum! You can access the Unlimited Membership with a link below, or from the website's home page.
I'm a beginner. Is this tune easy to learn?
Learning the basic elements of each tune is easy, even if it takes a bit of time - you just need to learn the chord progression and the melody! However, we've stuffed each arrangement chock-full of interesting, incredible jazz guitar playing. Playing it all at once can be challenging but rewarding, so we advise that you break it down into tiny, manageable chunks.
What's the best way to use the materials in this course?
The chord melody, comping study, and single-note solo arrangements in this course provide a snap-shot of REAL JAZZ GUITAR PLAYING over a popular jazz standard. You CAN learn each arrangement "cover-to-cover", but a more effective way to use these materials is to print out the sheet music, listen to the demonstration video, and highlight your FAVOURITE parts. Analyze, learn, and master these licks, phrases, and chord grips so that you can make them a part of your own vocabulary and pull them out at a moment's notice!

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