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"Marc. I’m almost finished Comping 101, and I’m blown away by how much I’ve learned in a short space of time - maybe 5 weeks? I’ve learned all of these moveable voicings and chords. Now I just have to practice them over & over again till they become second nature. Thanks for this. You have put together such an easy to learn course and I’m very grateful, looking forward to digging into more and more knowledge from you"

- Danielle B. , Canada

Learn the basic concepts, chords and voicings you'll need to create convincing jazz guitar chords accompaniments on standard songs. Comping (a short for acCOMPaniment) is a crucial skill for jazz guitarists in virtually all playing contexts!

Build a Strong Foundation in Comping with this Tutorial for Guitarists of ALL Levels

-Play shell voicings in a "good register"
-Apply dominant shells on 12-bar blues instantly
-Learn to cycle dominant chords
-Learn basic extensions such as 13th and 9th
-Practice latin and swing rhythms for real-life applications
-Play shells for minor 7, dominant 7 and major chords
-Apply your entire knowledge on II-V and II-V-I ... in all keys! :-)
-Watch over 60 minutes of step-by-step video Instruction
-Use a 3-step process for applications on any/all standards you'll come across!

The Ideal "Where do I start with jazz guitar chords?!" Tutorial

Comping is the fine art of playing "behind" a jazz soloist or singer. It allows you to create a nice "carpet" of chords for your bandmates. Good compers are sought-after and respected musicians. So, in brief, if you're good at jazz guitar comping, you'll make friends! ;-)

The balanced approach in this guitar tutorial ensures that you learn some concepts as well as some practical chord shapes and ideas. In short, at the end of the course, you'll be a comping machine, by being able to apply the chords and rhythms you learned here.

Content and Overview

Through over 60 minutes of videos, you'll be able to play and understand shell voicings deeply. At first you'll move them around in cycles and on basic 12-bar blues. It goes without saying, mastering shell voicings in this manner makes the rest of the chord melody process much easier!

Immediately after, you'll be able to perk up your chords with 13ths and 9ths, as well as apply them on II-V and II-V-I progressions. Comprehensive analysis of each chord shape is provided, both in video and PDF formats.

The last few sections of this crash course include a wrap up summary to help create your own full-fledged jazz guitar accompaniments on other songs. Notice that several play-along videos (and backing tracks) are included in the course to give you the opportunity to practice. It really is through repetition of these basic chord shapes that you'll become a confident accompanist.

Your Instructor

Marc-Andre Seguin
Marc-Andre Seguin

Marc-Andre Seguin is the webmaster, "brains behind" and teacher on, the #1 online resource for learning how to play jazz guitar.

He draws from his experience both as a professional jazz guitarist and professional jazz teacher to help thousands of people from all around the world learn the craft of jazz guitar.

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  Jazz Guitar Comping 101 - Section 8 - The Wrap Up
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"I finally finished my 101 chord comping course and found it to be extremely helpful in developing my knowledge of and ability to play many of the important chord types in Jazz. Learning the chords and shapes necessary for the ii V 1 chord progression in particular was extremely helpful. I know now how important it is to be able to transition through those chords easily in all the keys I want to learn songs in. It is a great sound and definitely a very important part of jazz music. It was a really good course and I feel much more comfortable with the knowledge I gained about these chords and comping from this course. Overall however it is an excellent course and was very helpful. Now I need to look at where I want to go next. Thanks Marc! I look forward to learning more and becoming accomplished in playing jazz from your other courses."

- Bill W., U.S.A

"I've always been weak at playing chords and making clean changes. But I do see an improvement already In two weeks. I believe it's from starting with basic shell shapes combined with the design of your Comping course and the structure your practice routine. I've never practiced or worked on anything with such a defined plan. You've laid it all out very logically and precisely. Overall, so far....impressive. Great course(s)."

- Ivan., Canada

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"That is a very interesting rhythm pattern Marc. Very helpful to be able to practice with your video. I probably used it 5 or 6 times to smooth it out and stay in time :)"

-Bill W., U.S.A

"I really like the way this course was organized, as it's very easy to understand. I really like the percent completed bar next to the course, as it makes me want to come back each day and raise that number. There's also something about the way you teach, and the way you present the information that makes me feel like I'm actually making progress, unlike many other websites that I've visited. I'm really enjoying this course, and I appreciate how you are willing to listen to our feedback. Keep up the awesome teaching!"

-Joyce W., U.S.A

"I'm enjoying this instruction and learning a lot. I appreciate the little nuggets of theory you throw which I find very important in understanding how every note relates to the rest of the chord. Also, thanks for including fingering tips! The one thing I have to become better at is muting the strings not being voiced which you do so naturally. Very happy to have taken advantage of this course and looking forward to finding the time to move on. Thanks!"

- Abe., U.S.A

"I am really glad I tried this course. After plodding along for most of my life, I’m finally starting to see the bigger picture. I’m learning new chords, which sound really cool, I’m starting to understand theory in a more practical way, and I like having the pdf at hand to refer to at any time.

I like the way you’re teaching, it’s meeting me at my level and encouraging me to progress. I think it’s well-developed, thank you."

- Ken M., Ireland


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