Chord Melody Crash Course

Using "Misty" to Learn Everything You Need to Get Started with Chord Melody

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"I've been enjoying the Chord Melody Crash Course, and especially the fact that it includes a beginner version of the chord melody, as well as a chord sheet that ties into it."

-Philip D., Canada

Learn the basic concepts, chords and tools that you'll need to create jazz guitar masterpieces on standard songs, in a chord melody style.

Build a Strong Foundation in Chord Melody with this Tutorial for Jazz Guitar Beginners and Intermediates

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-Play Melodies in the "Good Register"
-Hear examples of what NOT to do
-Learn a Full Chord Melody on Misty
-Read and Watch a Comprehensive Analysis
-Conceptual Lessons on Phrasing, Melody
-How-to for Best Use Chord Shapes
-A More "Advanced" Misty Chord Melody
-Compilation PDFs: Every Chord Shapes Needed
-Over 50 Minutes of Video Instruction
-A 3-Step Process Summary of this Crash Course

In a Rush? Learn How's it Done Quickly, Effectively

Chord melody is the ultimate expression for jazz guitarists. It allows the player to play melody and chords simultaneously, accompanying oneself. This crash course is a uniquely designed online tutorial making extensive use of the song Misty. The balanced approach in this guitar tutorial makes sure that you learn some concepts as well as some practical ideas. In short, at the end of the course, you'll be a chord-melody-creating machine, by being able to apply the ideas you learned here.

The mix of theory and practice ensures that the student avoids the typical pitfalls of either A- learning strictly theory and concepts without applications or B- learning only pre-fabricated chord melody arrangements without understanding what's going on.

Content and Overview

Through over 50 minutes of videos, you'll be able to play and understand several of the crucial factors that make good sounding chord melody arrangements. At first, you'll gain the ability to place the melody in the right register on the guitar. It goes without saying, this makes the rest of the chord melody process much easier!

Immediately after, you'll embark onto a nice conceptual detour where we'll dissect the use of chord shapes for chord melody purpose, as well as how to treat the melody in chord melody context. From section 3, you'll be taken through a fully-arranged version of Misty, the popular song by Erroll Garner. Comprehensive analysis of each chord shape is provided, both in video and PDF formats.

The last few sections of this crash course include a wrap up summary (3-step process) to help you figure out exactly what to do when you want to create chord melodies on other songs. Also part of this course is a more advanced version of the chord melody on Misty making use of some interesting concepts such as tritone substitutions and diatonic chords.

Your Instructor

Marc-Andre Seguin
Marc-Andre Seguin

Marc-Andre Seguin is the webmaster, "brains behind" and teacher on JazzGuitarLessons.net, the #1 online resource for learning how to play jazz guitar.

He draws from his experience both as a professional jazz guitarist and professional jazz teacher to help thousands of people from all around the world learn the craft of jazz guitar.

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"Thanks for the course, there is a whole ton of really good information and stuff that is helping me with my own chord melodies - which for me is the most interesting thing about jazz guitar. I really enjoy Marc's courses and his style of teaching is so laid back. He makes things fun (something to do with the smile on his face in every lesson). Reminds me that playing guitar should be fun, and not a chore."

-Stefan M., UK

"I am really enjoying this. I have been applying the knowledge to some of my old sheet music. I had purchased a very old sheet music version of " these foolish things" on e-bay. It was the long version that has the original verse before the chorus. The Ella Fitzgerald version. This song is coming alive to me now. I can read music but I always wanted to be able to find a way to make a chord and melody type playing style work. You really opened up my eyes from your lesson. Thank you so much because your lesson was worth way more then I purchased for it"

- Steven C., U.S.A

"I am enjoying the Chord Melody Crash Course a lot. I like your approach and find it helpful. You have a knack for making practical connections between different aspects of chord melody which no one else seems to do. In your 'Misty' arrangements you use different voicings for the same chord in a number of places to demonstrate the flexibility of chord voice selections, and that is EXTREMELY helpful and instructive - good thinking! "

- Steven S., Canada

"I am enjoying the class, and continue playing along with Marc on lesson four and find it very useful. I am also using the slowest backing track to integrate the chord shapes and melody in the first section. Thank you for the excellent lesson! My favorite so far."

- Rita., U.S.A

"I'm very grateful for this Chord Melody Crash Course, it really expanded my scope in music. I'm a kind of person who don't ask question if I understood the concept. I followed your instruction to first of all learn the melody before the chord-melody and it worked for me. I finished studying the intermediate, which did not takes me much time because of the easy chord-melody knowledge I had. To me, the method of this lesson is quite satisfactory, I started playing on my own within 3 weeks and I can also apply the chords to other music. Thank you very much!"

- Gabriel I., Norway

"Thank you for the course. I am a real beginner but your teaching style is great for me. Love your PDFs as well. really makes it simple and fun. I have to do everything a few times to figure it out but I'm learning. Thanks for helping me to get started and understand the world of jazz."

- Robert B.

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