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All the Arpeggios You Are

Transform your old 7th arpeggios into modern, interesting and angular jazz guitar solo lines.

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Learn new ways to approach basic 7th chord arpeggios (harmonic intervals, melodic intervals and voice leading) to help make your improvisations sound more modern. The exercises in this course will have you clearly outline the chord changes while creating interesting contemporary jazz lines on the guitar.

Expand how you currently use the plain old 7th jazz chord arpeggios with this course for intermediate and advanced jazzers.

Basic Arpeggios Expanded into Harmonic Intervals
Basic Arpeggios Expanded into Angular Lines (Melodic Intervals)
Two Possibilities with Harmonic Arpeggios on II-V-I
Two More Possibilities for Angular Lines on II-V-I
Complete Study on "All the Things You Are" using Angular Lines

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You Never Sounded So Good Improvising With Simple Arpeggios!

Arpeggios constitute the backbone of improvisation for many beginning and intermediate improvisers. But is there a way to solo with simple 1-3-5-7 arps without sounding boring or repetitive? Well, yes there is, and the answer lies within this course by Greg Amirault.

The author depicts a simple yet powerful way to "recycle" the way you currently play arpeggios into interesting, modern solo lines for jazz guitar. The real-life application of this course are straightforward: whenever you come across a chord change (or lots of them!) during a solo, you can apply this new arpeggio concept, making nice angular lines with ease.

Content and Overview

By breaking down this arpeggio concept into smaller chunks, we'll first look into harmonic intervals. This is just a fancy term to say that we'll play two notes at the same time to lay the foundation for the rest of this course. This new materials is approached by looking into six basic chord qualities of 7th chords. You'll be allowed to brush up on your 7th arpeggios if you feel the need.

The next section takes the harmonic intervals into interesting angular lines on the same six chord qualities. You'll simply "break down" the harmonic intervals and play them as a single-note line. This is allows you to strengthen your picking hand since there's many jumps!

The next two section deal exclusively with two ways to approach the II-V-I progression with the harmonic and melodic arpeggios. You'll get to fully master all the previous materials by consciously applying it to Dm7 to G7 to Cmaj7. And the cherry on top is that you'll pick up on all the perfect voice leading provided for you by the author. More nice jumps and modern lines to your bag of tricks.

And lastly, the course finishes with the ultimate applications of all the previous materials on a timeless standard song progression. You've guessed it, you'll be playing those angular lines on "All the Things You Are". Once you can execute this study perfectly, you will benefit in hearing (and seeing) these new arpeggios into your playing during your own improvisations.

Your Instructor

Greg Amirault
Greg Amirault

A native of Nova Scotia and of Acadian heritage, Greg Amirault has been active as a leader and sideman on the Montreal jazz scene for more than 25 years. He has performed with Maria Schneider, Howard Levy, Kevin Dean, Michel Donato, Dave Turner, Karen Young, Andre White, Steve Amirault, Remi Bolduc, Fraser Hollins, Don Thompson, Wray Downes and Tim Hagans. Other than performing in the Montreal area Greg is also a jazz guitar instructor at McGill and Concordia Universities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are TABS included?
What is the difficulty level?
Around 6-7 out of 10. For intermediate and advanced jazzers. Or very curious beginners!
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The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
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